TR – Tootsie Roll


Tootsie Roll currently trades at $30.94, about in the middle of its range of $26.16-$35.25.    It started 2013 low, and gained until August, when it came back down about half way.   Since then, it’s been up and down and is currently on a downtrend.

Expert opinions are mixed, but lean toward ‘sell’.

I’m not really finding any recent news on Tootsie Roll, and as of now I can’t see anything that would make this stock more desirable to me than, say, Rocky Mountain or ConAgra, but I’m not completely ruling it out.

My own personal speculation would be that Tootsie Roll sees the bulk of its revenue just before Halloween, because I think of it as a Halloween candy.  Of course, I could be way off base.

Undecided on this one.


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